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Running Reaper

The Running Reaper is the negative voice inside your head. It is the internal noise that we create that often sabotages and hijacks our training, racing and potential success. If it is managed and ‘tamed’, however, we can make it support our performance and drive us towards success.

When coaching, we are often met with the same questions:

  • How do I motivate myself?
  • Why do I compare myself to others?
  • How do I stop worrying about what others thing?
  • Why do I get so nervous before a race?

By helping you understand how The Running Reaper works, we will help you answer those questions. Giving you the tools to develop yourself, remove anxiety and, most importantly, empower you to be confident in achieving your goal, you can take control.

The Running Reaper
Andrew Cohen-Wray

About the founder

Andrew Cohen-Wray

Athlete In Mind was created by Andrew Cohen-Wray, an athlete with over two and a half decades of competitive experience, to help people of any sporting ability achieve the same mindset used by top-level athletes. Our goal is simple: to offer the same level of service that Olympic level athletes receive to the everyday athlete. Thanks to our wealth of experience at the top levels of sport, along with our extensive network of affiliates offering a wide range of expertise, Athlete In Mind has made Mental Performance Coaching accessible to the normal runner and athlete.


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Running Reaper Stock

Running Reaper Stock

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July 2017

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Weekend Roundup

M35 400Hurdles Bronze medal winner

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Success isn’t exclusive: Athlete in Mind’s Mental Performance Coaching opens the door to Olympic quality support.

Our personalised sessions help individuals and teams focus and achieve their well-formed goals. We give every sportsperson the ability and confidence to step up to the start line with the best mental preparation to perform at their best, each and every time.

With competitive expertise and experience with athletes who perform at the highest level, we’re here to help you unlock your gold-medal mindset. Whether you’re planning to run your first 5k or a Marathon, we will work together to take you beyond your limits…

Andrew has made a massive positive impact on the outlook and performance of my athletes and his clearly defined professional and structured process has allowed them to be more focussed and ready in a competitive arena. His ability to identify goals and structure a process to reach these goals is very impressive and very effective.
Paul Daly
  • Positive

    change negative thinking to positive

  • Clear

    remove mental blocks

  • Focused

    provide powerful visualisation techniques

  • Tough

    make mental toughness a strength in your sport

  • Prepared

    prepare for major competitions with dress rehearsals

  • Confident

    overcome performance issues, such as fear, nerves and self-doubt

  • Concentrated

    the ability to focus and concentrate in the moment

  • Belief

    stop self-limiting thinking thoughts