Athlete In Mind was created by Andrew Cohen-Wray, an athlete with over two and a half decades of competitive experience, to help people of any sporting ability achieve the same mindset used by top-level athletes.
Our goal is simple: to offer the same level of service that Olympic level athletes receive to the everyday athlete. Thanks to our wealth of experience at the top levels of sport, along with our extensive network of affiliates offering a wide range of expertise, Athlete In Mind has made Mental Performance Coaching accessible to the normal runner and athlete.

A Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, together with 25 years competing, and learning from Olympic, World, European and Commonwealth Champions, Andrew understands the mental complexity of not only learning a new discipline, but competing at National and World Championships.

By working with these athletes who have competed at the highest level and learning from their coaches, he has discovered what it takes to develop new technical skills and the secrets behind elite mental preparation.

Andrew offers personalised and specific sessions to help people focus and achieve their goals, and delivers seminars and motivational talks at events and club meetings. He is proud to be able to give people the ability and confidence to take challenges in their stride with Olympic mental preparation.

His aim? To help people perform at their best, each and every time.

Having won numerous county and regional medals from 110m hurdles, 800m and cross country, Andrew has been in the thick of the athletics community for years. His accomplishments include:


National Bronze medal at the British Master Championship over 3000m Steeplechase (2014)


8 Marathons, including the London Marathon in 2009 and 2014


Represented Great Britain at the World Masters Championship 2015 in Lyon, France, in the 110m Hurdles and 400m Hurdles, finishing 14th and 21st


Won (and retained) the Bedfordshire County 110m Hurdles title and took a Bronze in the 3000m race in 2017

Our Affiliates

The trusted minds we work closest with to bring you the best services possible

Ken Hoye

Ken is an expert on injury management and sports massages, along with being an established run coach himself. He is our go-to for injury rehabilitation.

Dwain Chambers

For unrivalled experience with the very peak of professional athletics, Dwain Chambers is our contact. He works closely with people interested in becoming fitness industry professionals and runs elite training programmes amongst other specialties.

TJ Ossai

‘TJ’ Ossai of Befittoday is a respected personal trainer, sports coach and educator within the fitness industry, and currently leads a team of coaches providing sporting activities for children in schools all over London. A decorated athlete, and blisteringly fast, he’s a great source of experience and knowledge for us to call on.

Tanya-Cyrena Cyrus

We are proud to work with Tanya-Cyrena Cyrus, another international athlete, and her organisation: Dream It, Live It. DILI is a sports management and marketing company working with international names in the world of sport. Their chief aim is to help talented athletes achieve their athletic potential.

Nikkii Barnett

Nikkii and her inspired take on ‘exercise in disguise’ is someone we refer people to for cross-country training, and occasionally when a slightly less intense pace is required for maximum impact. Her work is incredibly accessible and is a great excuse to work in a different environment.

Alan Turnbull

Alan of atperformance is our Sports Massage and Soft Tissue Therapy contact for the St Neots & Bedfordshire area. Keeping our bodies in one piece is his specialty and the coaching provided is second-to-none.

Tom Stead

iprintstuff take care of all our uniform and kit printing needs. Tom and his St Neots based Triathlon printing service have always delivered for us, regardless of how much gear we throw their way.

Wendy O'Brien

Wendy at Balance Chiropractic is our chief resource for chiropractic care, and the team are excellent at helping you maintain a healthy structure, with sensible and manageable lifestyle changes that prevent reoccurring problems and keep your body in top condition.