Goal Setting

Over the last few weeks it's becoming very apparent that people are making lots of mistakes when it comes to setting a goal. Take the London marathon every year for example: people are entering, committing to running, setting a fundraising target, downloading a generic schedule then off they go!

They aren't taking into account so many other factors which are involved with setting a realistic target. They dont pay attention to the real reason they are running the marathon: "For what purpose do they want to run it?", is it "representative of them, who they are and who they want to be?" and "Does the outcome increase choice?"

They also aren't asking themselves the following questions: "What will happen if they dont get it?" and "What will happen if they do get it?" These are fundamentel questions to ask yourself before you embark on any goal or journey. 

For those of you who work with me or know me well will often hear me talk about "Being the best you can be with the resources you have". And goal setting is no different. Have you asked yourself questions about the resources available to help you achieve your goal?

For example, can you initiate and maintain the goal, or the training to achieve it? If you are a parent, have you considered when you will do your long run so it doesnt interfere with family life, can you commit to 3 runs during the week if the kids have Brownies, Scouts, swimming lessons etc. If you dont take this into consideration, what happens when you then start to miss sessions? Do you train harder to make up, risking injury? Will negative self talk eventually get the better of you?

These may seem like like small things to think about, but these things are the difference, that makes the difference.

Even the smallest victories are victories, so it's important to set yourself up to win, not to fail!

If you are planning on running an event next year, like the London marathon, get in touch with us at Athlete In Mind to let us support you with your goal. We can help you think of all the eventualities that you may not have thought about that could potentially make a massive impact on your goal. We can "Make the difference, that makes the difference".

Maybe you would like support with your schedule to make it personal to you, as you will only beat yourself up with negative self talk if you miss a session or two and thats not healthy for you and your goal.


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It's easy to bite off more than you can chew, and it's something I see a lot of. Here's why you should set yourself up to win, not to fail...