Learn to harness your mind.

While the mind is a very personal thing, the desire to improve and succeed is not. Athlete in Mind’s workshops provide the opportunity for you to be introduced to mental performance coaching, and exactly how you can benefit from our expertise.

Athlete in Mind’s workshops are conducted by Andrew-Cohen Wray, a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming who boasts over 25 years of athletic success, having competed at National and International levels. You’ll meet the man behind the mind, and get a first-hand taste of what you can achieve with his guidance.

It’s in these workshops that Andrew will explore what we do and how we do. In discussing elements such as Goal Setting, Visualisation and taming the ‘Running Reaper’, he offers insight into how you can train your mind and the journey that Athlete in Mind is able take you on.

Let us show you how we can raise your game to the next level - book a workshop now or join us at one of our seminars!

Athlete In Mind's Workshops give you the chance to meet us and see what we do first.

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